A horticultural epiphany

I think I’ve been avoiding going down to the vegetable garden recently; using the end of term craziness at my kids’ school as my excuse, when in actual fact I’ve been feeling a little depressed about the lack of progress there.

The distinctly un-summery weather, and damage caused by a host of pests, has left my dreams of an abundant veggie patch in tatters (literally in some instances). Being a perfectionist by nature, and one more used to the instant gratification of a freshly repainted room than the slow, erratic progress involved in growing from seed, I have realised the following:

  1. Nature is, by design, imperfect, therefore I need to stop trying to control it *
  2. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor are vegetable gardens
  3. I have many, many more lessons to learn

Having (finally) made such groundbreaking discoveries, I decided to change tack somewhat and focus instead on what is growing well in a bid to feel inspired again.

Okay, so there may still be some empty beds, but with my all-new ‘glass half full’ approach to gardening, they pose possibilities rather than failures. Plus, what is still growing actually looks pretty lush and well-tended for the most part and we’ve been able to harvest delicious broad beans and potatoes. I have even treated myself to some new seeds to help plug the gaps and provide us with the likes of cabbage and swede during the winter months.

Onwards and upwards I’d say…

(* for a brilliant piece of writing on the trials of embracing imperfection, see my friend Steph’s blog here)

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